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      product center

      CSF - P series plasma groove cutting machine

      CSF-P Series Beveling Contour Plasma Cutting Machine

      The unlimited rotating beveling contour plasma cutting machine adopts the advanced 5 axis robotic compound movement control technology. It can profile V, X, Y shaped beveling and other shapes in one pass, instead of the traditional process which includes several steps of cutting and milling. It guarantees quick processing, high quality, and can save raw material. This machine is widely applied to ship building, construction equipment, wind power and bridge building.

      I.Driving speed 15m/min

      II.Max bevel following speed 60 rpm

      III.Size accuracy ±0.5mm

      IV.Inclination accuracy ±1°V beveling,Can change bevel on straight line, arc, or spline

      V.Max beveling angle ±45°

      VI.Can cut V, Y, K, and X shaped beveling.

      Bevel/Robotic Leads


      ? PMA Smartline Conduit

      ? PMA   靈活直線 導管

      ? Intended for use in dynamic/robotic/automation applications


      ? Temperature range: 50°C - 150°C

      溫度范圍: 50°C - 150°C

      ? 7” (17.8 cm) minimum bend radius (hoses and cables good to 6(385px) radius)

      ? 7 (17.8 cm)的最小彎曲半徑(軟管和電纜可以到6(385px)的彎曲半徑。

      ? Fastened to torch sleeve collar (always positioned properly)


      ? Length provides protection in high flex zone (first 2’(.6 m))

      在高度柔性區域,長度保護長達(最前2’(.6 m))

      ? Custom exit collar for smooth transition